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Although the number of violent crimes has stagnated in recent years according to statistics, and even here the number of unreported cases is still underestimated, an increase in violence is subjectively perceived.

The current assaults, as well as the increasing propensity to violence, point to the necessity of selected protective measures for exposed persons in business, politics, and industry, as well as for persons in the media in general.

In particular, the poor financial situation of many people contributes to the fact that kidnapping, extortion, violent crimes, and robbery can no longer be predominantly attributed to organised crime.

1. Consulting

Of course, not everyone is threatened or endangered in the same way. That is why a detailed consultation at the beginning of the assignment is important and thus the identified potential risks can be recognised in advance.

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As professional consultant, we are also able to review existing or planned security concepts and suggest possible corrections.

2. Concept

By creating individual security concepts, we develop a well-dosed protective net for your personal security, tailored to your needs, under the premise of influencing your quality of life and privacy as little as possible.

3. Revision

The individual measures build on each other and can be adapted according to changes in the security situation and individual needs. It is very important to us that our clients feel safe as if they were under a glass dome and not trapped in a golden cage.

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Have you already received an offer from a security service provider or are you possibly working with a security company and would like to have this service checked?

Then you are in the best hands with us because your interests are our priority.

Personal Security

Safety is an ongoing process that is affected by a wide variety of influences. Companies cannot always have all the resources available to be able to react appropriately to these influences. Therefore, it is often unavoidable to react to them completely or in a supportive manner by outsourcing certain services. Ex-Mil offers a whole range of services through its network partners - as an integrated solution or to complement your existing security concept:

Escort & Room Protection - find out more >>

The way to school, meetings with friends or a trip to sports, as well as everyday activities; from shielding from photographers and media to protection from direct intervention - depending on the situation, clearly visible or discreetly in the background. We are aware of the carefree nature of a carefree childhood and youth, and therefore we always make every effort to ensure that your children or closest family members are not aware of any real threat or necessary protective measures.

Indirect Personal Protection - find out more >>

Through many years of experience, we know that discretion and invisibility are the decisive factors. This way we are always one decisive step ahead - for your benefit and that of your family. It is possible to deploy an individual bodyguard or to set up a team that is constantly at the side of the person to be protected. According to the principle: As far as possible, as close as necessary!

Extended Personal Protection/Reconnaissance Measures - find out more >>

The reconnaissance measures are carried out by the indirect personal security service. They are the "eyes and ears" of direct personal protection. Its tasks include, for example, the reconnaissance and safeguarding of the route used after irregularities, such as provoked traffic jams, ambushes, reconnaissance of spying attempts and support of direct personal protection in the event of an incident. In addition, the reconnaissance officer can support the personal protection during public appointments of the person to be protected by undercover measures.

Security Escort / VIP Driver - find out more >>

The security escort takes all measures necessary for the immediate protection of persons. He/she is also responsible for all security measures concerning the person and his/her environment. In the case of public appointments of the protected person, he/she makes the necessary arrangements with authorities, organisers, etc. In the event of an incident, the immediate initiation of protective and evacuation measures is part of the task of immediate personal protection.

Focal Points

Focal Points Reconnaissance Activities - find out more >>

  Exploration of the surroundings of residence, driving distance and work
  Occasional security escort for public appointments
  Exploration of recurring routes
  Accompaniment depending on the risk to relatives
  Sporadic exploration of regularly visited locations
  Picking up and setting down the protected person at the object/office
  Clarification of preparatory actions on the object
  Support of direct personal protection
  Intervention in the event of an incident
  Flexible, event-related approach of the objects at different times
  Flexible, event-related location on the object at different times, of different duration
  Permanent documentation of changes and findings
  Crime scene safeguarding / documentation in the event of an incident

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  Preventive measures for the recognition of crime-preparatory actions against protected persons and relevant objects through media monitoring, investigations, and reconnaissance measures
  Security and awareness training for the private and professional environment
  Discreet, direct accompaniment of the persons to be protected in case of concrete danger
  Direct personal protection when traveling to high-risk countries or countries with a high crime rate
  Object protection measures also during absence (e.g. during business and private trips)
  Qualified intervention measures in case of alarms and suspicious perceptions