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1. Personal Conversation

The process always begins with a detailed and non-binding client interview to determine your individual needs. Through appropriate consultation, sources of danger can be localised and visualised.

2. Analysis

Based on the initial discussion, we will prepare a comprehensive safety analysis - tailored to your individual situation.

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A security analysis serves to identify threats, assess their respective probability of occurrence and their damage potential to estimate the risk.

3. Concept

Based on this safety analysis, we create a holistic safety concept adapted to your individual needs - taking cost/benefit factors into account.

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A security concept considers, in the form of an analysis, possible attack and damage scenarios. It aims at achieving a defined and necessary level of protection. When drawing up a security concept, it is necessary to distinguish between security against malicious attacks (Security) and security against human and technical failure (Safety).

Object & Plant Security

EX-MIL provides both armed and unarmed service to corporate sites requiring a subtle, professional, and intelligent security presence, and is able to respond to a wide range of protection or emergency on-site requirements. Through an appropriate appearance, our employees adapt to their environment and behave in a manner appropriate to their corporate culture, with the intention of fitting in with their daily activities but standing out when necessary. Our employees manage physical security and visitor access, patrols, camera and alarm surveillance, escorts, employee termination events, management support, emergency response and many other functions aimed at creating and maintaining a safe workplace with the highest level of customer service.